Earn Dai
    Earn Dai
    Lend to borrowers, save on Oasis, get paid for work, tackle bounties, win prizes, get grant funding... There are loads of ways to earn Dai!
    Oasis Save
    Users can save Dai on Oasis to earn the Dai Saving Rate (DSR). The DSR smart contract, introduced with Multi-Collateral Dai, incentivizes saving. Dai locked in the DSR accrues continuously at a published annual rate.
    Earn Dai by learning about it. Some platforms, like Coinbase Earn, offer Dai rewards for users that spend time learning about Dai and MakerDAO.
    Check out listings for jobs that pay in Dai and other cryptocurrencies. Crypto.Jobs hosts job openings for blockchain enthusiasts. Reddit channels, like r/Jobs4Crypto and r/CryptoRecruiting, have opportunities as well.
    Receive Dai for completing bounty projects. MakerDAO's bounties are open to anyone, but other platforms, like Gitcoin and Bounties Network, offer rewards for contributors.
    Some organizations offer grants funded with Dai. For example, on Gitcoin Grants, anyone can create a grant request and crowdsource fundraising. Maker’s Development Grants Program is designed to directly support projects that increase Dai adoption.
    Earn Dai by lending on platforms like dYdX and Compound. Please note, there are risks associated with lending, and users are encouraged to do proper due diligence.
    Participate in blockchain developer hackathons. MakerDAO’s Hackathon Initiative regularly hosts events where winners are paid with Dai.
    Video Game Tournaments
    Compete for Dai in video game tournaments. Axie Infinity, for example, recently hosted a tournament with over 2,100 Dai up for grabs!