Use Dai
    Use Dai
    Use Dai to save, lend, borrow, give to charity, make investments, cover business expenses, or buy goods and services.
    Note: Spending and using Dai means using a Dai-friendly wallet to store, send, and receive Dai, so make sure to brush up on wallets.
    Dai as Money

    Transfer Value

    Send Dai to friends, acquaintances, enemies, and relatives. Dai can be sent internationally to transfer value across borders in minutes rather than days while skipping the middlemen, exchange rates, wire fees, and questions.
    Spend Dai

    Give to Charity

    A great way to spend Dai? Donate it to charity! Lots of charities already accept cryptocurrency donations, and many find Dai to be the most convenient.
    Since it's soft-pegged to the US dollar, there's no rush to escape volatility by converting it to another asset.
    • Unicef is an excellent example of a charity that accepts Dai donations.
    • NeedsList helps with disaster preparedness by helping purchase critically needed items.
    • Pool Dai brings a creative approach by pooling its resources with others and directing that money to a charity.

    Buy Online (E-Commerce)

    Spend Dai online. As e-commerce takes off, look for merchants who have started accepting Dai with help from platforms like Coinbase Commerce.
    Some marketplaces lend themselves to DeFi specifically.
    Opensea is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace. Users buy and sell collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Notably, Dai is a payment method there.  Platforms like Decentraland and Gods Unchained, also let users purchase digital goods.

    Dai Debit Cards

    Many retailers aren't ready to embrace a future with cryptocurrencies yet. They're comfortable with the traditional system.
    Crypto debit cards have stepped in to bridge the gap. For example, a user can load Dai to a card to spend crypto practically anywhere. Even ATM withdrawals become possible.
    Conversions happen behind the scenes to make the process seamless.
    • They offer a crypto debit card that lets Dai users use ATMs and spend at merchants.
      Fold App
    • Earn free Bitcoin by using this card.
    • Monolith, an official partner, lets users connect a Visa debit card to a non-custodial wallet. With DeFi, they can swap, spend, earn interest, and borrow anywhere.
    • Currently, Wirex supports several cryptocurrencies and three fiat currencies, GBP, EUR, and USD. They offer different debit cards based on account type.

    Buy Games

    The online gaming community is alive and thriving. Incorporating cryptocurrency took it to the next level. Stablecoins, like Dai, make great prizes for competitive games.
    • An esports gaming platform, players compete for Dai prizes on skill-based games. Many of these games can be played right from the phone.
    • A "lossless" lottery, is the only lottery with an expected value greater than 1! It's a new creation made possible by DeFi. Users buy tickets with Dai. Each week, the pooled Dai earns interest on DeFi lending markets. At the end of the week, one lucky winner gets the accrued interest. Everyone else gets their money back. Check out the previous prizes here!

    Buy Gift Cards

    Buy gift cards with Dai. While many online merchants have adopted cryptocurrencies, many are still attached to the old system. Some payment platforms bridge the gap by selling gift cards for cryptocurrencies.
    • A company that sells gift cards, helping users spend Dai at their favorite stores.

    Pay Bills

    Everyone has bills. Why not pay them with Dai? In some areas, it's already possible. Some new apps let customers pay their bills with crypto.
    Grid Plus Energy
    • Texas residents can pay for electricity with Dai.
      Living Room of Satoshi
    • Australian residents can pay their bills with Dai.

    Share Expenses

    Online access has simplified splitting bills and sharing expenses, and now it’s possible with Dai too.
    • Helps track and settle shared debts using Dai.

    More Ways to Use Dai

    Find more ways to spend, save, lend, accept, and generally use Dai at Awesome MakerDAO | Use Dai.
    Invest Dai
    Everyone already knows how to buy cryptos on an exchange, but that's not the only way to invest with Dai.
    Note: Investing has inherent risks and some regions restrict cryptocurrency investing. Make sure to do proper due diligence first.

    Lend and Save Dai

    One way to put idle Dai to use is to save or lend it. With both savings and lending platforms, you can earn interest on your Dai. Make sure to research interest rates changes, and platform risks before getting started saving and lending!

    Platform Risk

    Be mindful of the risks associated with lending and borrowing on the blockchain. Consider a platform’s risk rating on DeFi Score for help gauging a given platform's risk. Users are encouraged to do their own due diligence.
    Oasis Save
    • Users can save Dai and earn the Dai Saving Rate (DSR) on the Maker Foundation’s Oasis Portal. Dai locked in the DSR accrues continuously at a published annual rate.
    • Lend or borrow Dai and various other cryptocurrencies on AAVE.
    • Lend or borrow Dai and various other cryptocurrencies on Compound.
    DeFi Saver
    • Lend, borrow, or save with DeFi Saver, a one-stop management solution for decentralized finance protocols.
    • Lend or borrow Dai and various other cryptocurrencies on DDEX.
    • Lend or borrow Dai, ETH, USDC, or BTC on dYdX. This platform is also an exchange that offers margin trading.
    • Lend and save on Staked, a smart contract platform that automatically allocates assets to the highest yielding opportunities.

    Other Investment Types

    As cryptocurrencies become more widespread, more people are willing to accept investors that fund with cryptocurrencies, like Dai.
    Some realtors accept buyers that pay with Dai. Many start-ups, even for traditional industries, may accept cryptocurrencies for their seed rounds.
    Swarm lets investors participate in security token offerings. On Maple, investors can participate in SmartBonds, new types of bonds backed by Crypto Assets. Maple is powered by Ethereum smart contracts.
    Business with Dai
    Since Dai's value is predictable, business owners can feel safe keeping it on hand, making it an ideal candidate for this emerging industry. There are countless ways businesses can integrate Dai in business.

    Accept Dai as Payment

    Large and small businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar, can accept Dai as payment. Payments are quick, cheap, and secure, and can be as simple as scanning a QR code. International businesses can avoid conversion rates, wire fees, and banking restrictions.
    Coinbase Commerce
    • A digital money merchant processing center. It’s a fast, free, and easy way for businesses to accept Dai payments in-person or online from almost anywhere in the world.
    • Ching is a mobile storefront that lets businesses accept in-person payments in Dai.
    Request Network
    • Invoicing with Request Network is easy. Connect to with a Web3 wallet, select Dai, define the receiver and payer addresses, and send an invoice.
    • Provides on-chain payment, invoicing, and accounting services.

    Pay Employees and Vendors

    Use Dai to pay vendors and employees. Maintain accurate logging with tools like:
    Whisp MoneySablier
    • Try using Sablier for paying employees in Dai. Sablier replaces the weekly payroll with consistent, reliable, daily payments that “stream” automatically to employee accounts.