On-Chain Governance
    On-Chain Governance
    Governance Polls
    Governance Polls occur on-chain and can be accessed through the Maker Foundation's Voting Portal.
    Polls use instant run-off, so you can select multiple options and ranked-choices will be prioritized.
    Governance Polls measure the sentiment of MKR voters, and are used to:
    • Determine governance and DAO processes outside the technical layer of the Maker Protocol.
    • Form consensus on important community goals and targets.
    • Measure sentiment on potential Executive Vote proposals.
    • Ratify governance proposals originating from the MakerDAO forum signal threads.
    • Determine which values certain system parameters should be set to before those values are then confirmed in an executive vote.
    • Ratify risk parameters for new collateral types as presented by Risk Teams.
    Executive Votes
    Executive Votes occur on-chain and can be accessed through the Maker Foundation's Voting Portal.
    Executive Votes "execute" technical changes to the Maker Protocol. When active, each Executive Vote has a proposed set of changes being made on the Maker Protocol's smart-contracts.
    Unlike the other types of votes, Executive Votes use a 'Continuous Approval Voting' model.
    Executive Votes can be used to:
    • Add or remove collateral types.
    • Add or remove Vault types.
    • Adjust global system parameters.
    • Adjust Vault-specific parameters.
    • Replace modular smart contracts.
    Anyone can create an on-chain Executive Vote using the MakerDAO governance contracts, however, there is no non-technical UI available to do this.
    Users can create proposals, also known as "Slates," through this experimental portal, or by interacting directly with the smart contracts.