Communication Platforms
    Communication Platforms

    This Guide introduces the communication platforms used by the MakerDAO Community.

    MakerDAO utilizes with platforms geared towards promoting open-source feedback, communication, transparency, and clarity. While there is no sophisticated software stack, community members should be comfortable with the more heavily used tools.
    Discussion Platforms
    Writing Platforms
    Tools and Tips
    • GitHub Desktop
    • Broken Link Checker
    • Markdown Table Maker: for Google Sheets.
    • Code Blocks: for formatting blocks of code in a doc or adding Markdown.
    • Download to Google Drive: Handy button in HackMD.
    • Markdown Conversion: for Google Drive.
    • Figma: Creates visual mockups, especially for team collaboration.
    • Whimsical: Creates flow charts.

    Wallets and 3rd Party Services

    Keyboard Shortcuts