Governance and Risk Meetings
    Governance and Risk Meetings
    G&R Meetings

    Discuss Ideas and Get Informed

    Governance and risk meetings take place Every Thursday at 4:00 PM UTC. You are welcome to join!
    Public meetings are now password-protected to prevent spam. The weekly password is on the forum.
    What’s on the Menu?
    These meetings set the stage for cultural and operational consensus across the community for a broad range of stakeholders and issues related to these frequent discussion topics.
    Governance Facilitators host the calls and put together the agenda each week. Below are typical inclusions:


    • Weekly MIP Updates
    • Weekly Domain Team Updates
    • Working Group Updates As Needed
    • Collateral Onboarding Updates As Needed

    Procedural Matters

    • Monthly MIP Submission Reviews
    • Monthly Governance Cycle Reviews
    • Monthly Inclusion Poll Reviews
    • Monthly Governance Poll Reviews


    • MIP and Subproposal Overviews
    • Technical Overviews
    • Working Group Project Overviews
    • Longer, More Detailed Team Updates
    • State of the Peg
    • Deep Dives into other Frequent Topics


    • Comments and Questions are encouraged throughout the calls
    • MIP-focused discussion sessions
    • Other Frequent Topic discussion sessions
    • Open-ended discussion sessions at the end of some calls
    Earn Dai by Taking Notes
    Notes are a primary way to document discussions and decisions. They make the content more accessible to the people who can't make the meetings or don't have time to watch the full recordings.
    Join our Summary Team, and we’ll pay you!
    Past Meeting Archives
    **Summaries** Read summaries of past meetings
    **Frequent Topics** See what's discussed in meetings
    **Audio Recordings** Listen to past meetings
    Video Recordings View past meetings

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    We’ve created lots of content to help better understand governance and show you ways to get involved.

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