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    Take Notes

    Earn Dai by Taking Notes at Weekly Governance Calls

    Express Interest

    To become a part of the working group that produces these summaries, join the Maker Chat. Communicate your interest in the #community-development channel.
    Community Chat
    • Be available for as many calls as possible, every Thursday at 4:00 PM UTC.
    • Have an attention to detail. Notes need to be accurate and formatted consistently.
    • Have a good understanding of Maker governance. Check out the governance section.
    Suggested Reading


    Follow this note-taking template for taking governance notes to ensure consistency. See summaries of past meetings to get an idea of what finished notes should look like.


    See the note-taking process for taking accurate and thorough notes at governance calls. Find out how a writer and reviewer team can work together on the note-taking process.

    Formatting Guide

    Read before volunteering to make sure you’re comfortable with the level of thoroughness we expect. It’s also a good refresher before you take notes.