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    Note-Taking Process
    Note-Taking Process
    This guide explains how to take notes at a governance and risk meeting while ensuring accuracy, readability and consistency.
    The note-taking process is a team effort involving two roles, a writer and reviewer.
    Takes initial notes, screenshots, and fixes notes in post-editing with the availability of the recording.
    We recommend at least two people do this role, splitting up the work for the entire summary. Multiple writers have the advantage of supporting each other with formatting, screenshots, and quality assurance on sections that they are not taking the initial notes on. Writers use the ✋ symbol during live calls to request help from another writer.
    Sets up the initial working doc, does a full review of the summary after it's produced, quality checks for formatting and semantic errors, and also submits the final version of the summary to GitHub and the Forum. Recommended to be done by one person.
    Suggested Workflow

    Reviewer prepares working doc

    Create a new doc in HackMD using the template and send it to the writers.
    View Template

    Writers take notes

    Make sure you have the HackMD document to hand and join the governance call.
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    If you’re working with someone else on writing the notes, make sure you’ve decided which sections each of you will focus on. We recommend staying in contact with your fellow writers throughout the call.

    Writers review their notes

    Once the call is over skim the working doc and fix any obvious errors.

    Writers compile notes with recording

    Once you’ve received the recording you can complete the summary by:
    • Adding time-anchored-links
    • Adding relevant links
    • Fixing unclear or unfinished notes.
    Let the reviewer know once you’re finished with this.

    Reviewer checks notes

    Please review the notes thoroughly to make sure they meet what’s expected of notes.

    Reviewer submits a pull request

    Submit a singe pull request to the MakerDAO community repository
    Your pull request should:
    Not sure how to add content to GitHub? Check out our guide

    Reviewer publishes a summary on a forum thread

    Once the pull request has been submitted, you should comment on the call’s forum thread with a link to the summary.