Bringing together people to talk Maker, Dai or DeFi at a meetup is a fantastic way for you to help the community.
    Meetup Guides
    We've put together these guides to help you create the best possible meetup based on the lessons we've learned hosting meetups ourselves.
    Getting Started
    The basics for hosting a meetup. Start here if it’s your first time hosting.
    Event Format
    How to choose the best format for your meetup based on your audience.
    How to budget effectively and a reminder of meetup costs.
    How and where to promote your meetup.
    Resources and Inspiration
    Looking for a Dai logo for your promotional material or just want to see how others have communicated the power of Maker? These should have you covered.
    Design Files and Assets
    Official Maker and Dai logos, badges and product screenshots.
    Presentation Slides
    Slides about Maker and Dai already created for your convenience.
    Example Presentations
    Links to recordings of some great meetup presentations.
    These meetups are not for speculating on the price of the token or general hype. Events should focus on the MakerDAO ecosystem, how MakerDAO and Dai interact with DeFi, decentralized governance, and other relevant topics.
    The goal of hosting meetups is to bring people together and educate them about decentralized finance, Dai, and MakerDAO. When talking about the MKR token, the goal should be to educate the attendees about the purpose and utility of the token.